Classic Car owners often make unnecessary mistakes when it comes to maintaining or buying classic cars. Taking a car which was only made up until 1970 to the local repair shop can result in an almost painful quote for any repairs, and the situation is the same when it comes to classic car insurance. What all owners of classic or vintage automobiles need to know is that for most facilities one would use for a modern car, there is an alternative option catering especially for the owners of classic vehicles.

When it comes to insurance especially, it pays to think carefully about what you want from your insurance – just as you would with any other car. How often do drive your classic car? Where do you park it? Do you own other vehicles for daily driving (this is often a necessity if you want to insure a classic car)?

Another thing to consider is that with a classic vehicle, you are many times more likely to claim for some sort of repair than for theft or completely wrecking your vehicle – these insurance companies definitely prefer older, more experienced drivers with a good record. Never forget that policies vary greatly between companies and the worst course of action you could take would be to rush into choosing one and finding yourself without the cover you need for your personal circumstances.

Talk to different companies, investigate what others have had to say about them – you may come up with some surprising information.  A local car club may well be the place to find the information you need – talk to others, especially those who have had to make claims themselves and will be able to tell you what kind of treatment they received from their insurance company.

The most important thing to remember is that by owning a classic car, you are able to save yourself money by getting specialised insurance but you musn’t slack off when it comes to researching your options as this could end in disaster should you need to make a claim.


The Vintage period was an important time in the automotive world as it incurred a massive change in the way that people were going to view cars forever. At the beginning of the period in 1919 cars were a rarity for most of the population but by 1930 they were becoming increasingly popular and more accessible to everyone.When people talk about vintage cars they are normally referring to a vehicle that was built between 1919 and 1930. The start date of the period is generally agreed by everyone as the end of World War I but there are many debates about when it actually ended. Whereas the British will argue that it came to an end in 1930, the Americans say it was 1925 and others say that the start of World War II marked the end of the Vintage period.

Regardless of when people think the Vintage period ended everyone is happy to agree that it was a revolutionary time in the world of cars. Technology was advancing which meant that cars were becoming a lot more practical, convenient and comfortable which in turn resulted in more and more people wanting one.

Luxuries that people take for granted nowadays such as heating, radios and power steering was a major innovation at the time. Something that interests all car fanatics is the fact that not only were cars adapting to society and advancing technologies, but society was adapting to the car as well. For example, drive – in restaurants were introduced and motels began to line major roads in the United States. Whereas several decades ago seeing a vintage car driving down the road was normal, today you are more likely to see them at classic car shows.

Car shows are a great place for enthusiasts as they can catch a glimpse of their favourite old cars, find car parts that are normally difficult to come by and find cheap vintage car insurance.

Today India boasts one of the most sizeable collection of vintage cars and Mr Pranlal Bhogilal who resides there is the proud owner of the largest collection of vintage cars in the whole world. Collecting vintage cars is a popular past time with car shows, exhibitions, clubs and cheap vintage car insurance all easily found. If this is something that takes your interest then you can find vehicles for sale on the internet, in magazine adverts, car garages and dealerships, vintage car events, motor auctions and car club newsletters and magazines.

Once you have found your perfect vintage car then the next step is to find some cheap vintage car insurance. Again you can find this on the internet or through specialist magazines. However, insurance prices will go up steeply if you have a modified car so consider this when looking for cheap vintage car insurance.

The TVR Car Club is excited and proud that they may soon be featuring in the Guinness Book of World Records. The record took place at Rockingham Motor Speedway club in August where TVR was celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The world record they are hoping to have broken is for the largest number of single marquee cars ever assembled in a continuous line. 551 cars set off from the start line which was in the parking area, through a tunnel, into the infield and then onto the bowl before going back through the paddock and finishing off where they started in the parking area. The results are yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records but TVR remain positive as they say that they stuck to the Guinness regulations which means that there shouldn’t be any queries.

The attempt to get into the record books took place on the weekend of the 4th August where TVR was celebrating the 60th anniversary of Trevor Wilkinson founding Trevcar Motors which was the birth of TVR. The Northamptonshire circuit boasted track day sessions, display cars, racing and much more.

The day was enjoyed by all car enthusiasts, not just TVR Car Club Members and drivers. There was a wide range of activities taking place to suit all tastes from those who wanted to watch the racing to those who were looking for cheap classic car insurance. The TVR Car Club was founded in London in 1962 by a small group of TVR fans and has since grown to become one of the premier one – marquee car clubs in the UK with over 7000 members and other affiliated clubs around the world. The club aims to promote all things TVR from the earliest models made to cheap classic car insurance.

Classic cars are the pride and joy of many car fanatics which makes it even more heart – breaking when thieves manage to get their hands on them. Older cars can be expensive to maintain as it’s harder to find parts, the right mechanics and cheap classic car insurance but it will be even more expensive if you don’t take the right precautions to prevent them from getting stolen.

Criminals love classic cars but there are plenty of things you can do to keep them safe and secure. Starting with the most obvious and easiest solution is to think about where you are storing your vehicle. Keeping it out of the sight of prying eyes and locking it in a secure garage is your best bet as nobody will be able to see it or get to it. Obviously make sure that you can lock the garage but also try to ensure that it’s well lit so even if somebody does know what’s in there, they will be deterred by the fact that they may be easily spotted.  

If you have to store your classic car on the driveway or parked on the road then try and make it as unappealing as possible. Make sure the surrounding area is well – lit with lots of other cars around if possible as this means there is more chance of someone going out to their car and scaring any potential thieves away.

Old cars tend to have pretty basic and weak locks unless they’ve been modified by a previous owner or yourself. Clever car thieves are very much aware of this which means your Classic is at high risk so it can be harder to find cheap classic car insurance. If possible get the locks changed so they’re more secure or install a security system and make sure this is obvious through stickers to deter thieves from even attempting to break in.

Car alarms are also ideal because you can’t be by your car all day every day so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted to your car immediately if someone tries to take it. However, some alterations may be required as older cars can have different systems from modern ones.In some older cars you can just remove the rotor arm and it is highly unlikely a thief will be carrying this with them making it virtually impossible to steal your car. However, ignition cut – off switches installed and hidden somewhere in, on or under your car can be found by thieves if they have the time and are desperate enough.

There are services such as Stolen Vehicle Location and Recovery Assistance which are available through your car’s manufacturer. These companies can track and locate your vehicle while communicating with the police to try and find it quickly and easily. This means that even if your car is stolen you are more likely to recover it. As long as you follow the usual precautions and follow basic common sense like not leaving your car in a known dodgy area, your classic car should be safe. However, if you are unlucky enough to have it stolen make sure you contact the police as soon as possible because the longer your car is gone for the more chance thieves have of removing tracking devises and getting away with it. Also make sure you have cheap classic car insurance as you will definitely be needing it if your vehicle goes missing.